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Wine/Bottle of Quinta do Noval 150th 250th anniversary port


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QUESTION: Hello David
I have inherited what I I believe to be a Bottle of Quinta do Noval 150th 250th anniversary port.
Unfortunately the main label is mostly missing (see photo).
Is this a valuable item worth keeping or worthless in its current condition and should be drunk!
Many thanks for any advice you can give.

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

This is a challenging question as I've never seen a bottle with the anniversary sticker around the neck instead of immediately above the main label - as Noval did for some of their famous 1963 vintage - so I suggest you ask a specialist wine auctioneer to appraise this bottle professionally as a potential entry to one of their sales. (Come back telling me whereabouts you are and I'll see if I can suggest anyone local to you.)

BTW: The 150th and 250th anniversaries were those of A. J. da Silva, Noval's predecessor, who were founded in 1813, and  the first records Quinta do Noval vineyard, which appear in 1715.)



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QUESTION: I'm near Exeter in Devon.
Many thanks - sounds following up.
I'll keep you posted if I make any further progress.
Kind regards

Hi Dave,

Sorry but I don't know of any specialist wine auctioneers in Devon so I suggest you ask J Straker Chadwick's ( in Abergavenny to arrange for one of their appraisers to call by appointment next time they have anyone in your area as they are the largest provincial wine specialists in the UK.

Don't raise your hopes too far and don't forget to allow for their commission!

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.




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