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Dear Mr Baines

Many years ago in the late 70s I was given a bottle of Dom perignon .
The bottle reads 1976,and it was given to me by a close relative who used to work on Scorpios under the Onassis family.
The reason why I am giving this extra info is because this relative of mine was a simple farmer who maintained the island and it wasn't  out of the ordinary such a bottle to be given by the Onassis family on special occasions to the staff.
My question is is it drinkable and has it any value?
It has been kept in our wardrobe all these years on its side.
I also have a bottle which was given to me in Australia by my boss for achieving high standards in work and that bottle reads the year 1978.

Thanking you in advance
Con Gazis
armonia boutique hotel

Champagne generally does not have a long life, say only up to 10 years, however the "Grand Marquee's" for example a good vintage of Dom Perignon such as your 1976 should still be eminently drinkable, although could be losing some of its "fizz"
The 1976 has an auction value in the United Kingdom where I reside of GBP£200+ and the 1978 a little less say £150.
On a wine list of a good restaurant in the UK that figure would be £600 maybe more!!

Kind regards,

David Baines Wine Consultant to Charterhouse Auctions Sherborne Dorset UK.


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