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Naomi\'s Benedictine
Naomi's Benedictine  

Naomi\'s Benedictine 2
Naomi's Benedictine 2  
I have 2 bottles of Benedictine, one of which has its paper wrapper intact, the other one's wrapper is torn. Both are unopened. Can you please give me an idea of what they might be worth? Thank you.

Hi Naomi

Thanks for your question and thanks for sending me pictures. Unfortunately Benedictine isn't a drink that might improve with age, and is fairly easy to come by. Therefore i don't think there'd be any increase in value over time. However it isn't a drink that would really deteriorate either, so it wouldn't be worthless.
One can buy Benedictine now for around £20 to £25 per bottle. I'd estimate the value of your two bottles at £30 or thereabouts.
I hope that helps.


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