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Wine/Sediment in Cristal Rose 1990


I have a bottle of Crystal Rose vintage 1990, which I kept in a wooden box it came with.
It says Louis Roederer on little plaque on the box, have no idea why is that. I kept it in a cool
Basement like advised when I was given it as a present, but recently when I took the bottle
Out of the box I noticed a lot of dark sediment. Now I was planning on selling this bottle, so
My question is - does sediment in the bottle devalues champagne. Can I still sell it and what
Would be a fair price for it , if it's still worth anything .
Thanks a lot in advance and I hope you could help me with your expertise

Hi Victor,

Roederer's Cristal is a very fine Champagne and your bottle comes from a notable vintage so there's no reason why a perfect bottle shouldn't attract bids of £400+ at auction.

However, I'm afraid most potential buyers would avoid a bottle in the condition you describe so it's very difficult to estimate what yours might fetch.

(Your storage sounds perfect so I can only think that the bottle suffered heat and/or light damage - if the amber sleeve is missing - before you got it.)

I suggest you ask J Straker Chadwick's ( to arrange for one of their appraisers to call by appointment next time they have someone in your area in the hope that he/she'll be able to give you better news.




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