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QUESTION: Good morning:

I live in Toronto, Canada. I have two bottles of Peller Estates Limited Edition Founder's Series 2004 Late Harvest Vidal. Each bottle is 375ml and numbered. I'd like to know if this wine is still drinkable and the approximate value of each bottle.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your question. The 2004 Peller Estates Founders Series Late Harvest Vidal should be absolutely fine to drink as long as it has been stored ok. It should be very tasty, the sweetness will act as a preservative, so i would say it will be delcious now but continue to be drinking well for at least another 5 years.

Regarding value, this is a difficult one. I can't find any of the 2004 for sale or even any of the Founders series. Looking at other wines from the Peller estates, Im guessing these half bottles would be somewhere around $50 US each. This is entirely theoretical though I'm afraid as i can't find any examples that have sold.

Many thanks, I hope that helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: As to your comment 'as long as it has been stored okay'...I've had them standing upright in a dark closet.  Would that have been okay? Thanks again.


Storing the wine in a dark closet is good, UV light can damage wine over time. Ideally if you could store them lying down, that way the cork stays moist so there is less chance of shrinkage or cracking and therefore a better shelf-life, but i would imagine the corks will be fine after only a decade.

In the long term though, the ideal conditions to store wine are dark, on their side and preferably cooler temperature without any temperature swings. Constant heating and cooling of wine can damage it. This is why cellars are so good, they are cool, dark, consistently cool and moist enough.

Hope that helps


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