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QUESTION: Dear David,
Please can you tell me if the two bottles (one Sherry and one Vermouth) are of any value please?  The bottle of 'Honey Cream, full bodied, Oloroso, Sherry, Produce of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, shipped and bottled by Gilbey Vintners Limited' belonged to my late uncle.  The bottle of 'Vermouth, Clauss, Achaia Clauss,Wine company Ltd, Patras, Greece' was given to my husband as a present over 30 years ago from his Greek Aunt who worked in the Achaia Clauss vineyard.  I (hopefully) have attached the photographs correctly for you to see.
Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hi Linda,

I'm sorry but neither of these would be easy to sell as the potential value would fall some way short of wine auctioneers' minimum thresholds.

Nevertheless, they might sell at a local general sale as decorative items as both lables seem to be in good condition.



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Thank you so much for your reply, it's answered my question brilliantly thanks.  However, as I have no idea about wines/alcohol, I'm just curious to ask something else please.  What is the wine selling threshold?

Thanks again,


Hi Linda,

Specialist wine auctioneers only accept bottles or cases of wines that they think will attract bids of a certain value in order to be sure of covering their cataloguing and other sales costs, and generating a profit from their commission when the lot(s) sell.

These minimum values are known as the threshold but each auctioneer sets their own to suit the particular market they serve, from as typical of around £50 to several hundred GBP in the case of the big international firms.

As I don't think your old Sherry and Vermouth would attract bids within that range, I don't think any wine auctioneer would be willing to list them - whuich brings us back to my suggestion that a local general sale might be your best bet!




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