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Wine/1974 Petrus & 1979 chateau haut-brisson saint emillion grand cru


74 ,Petrus
74 ,Petrus  

Hello Tom,

I was recently given several bottles of vey old wine and champagne from the widow of a friend who passed recently.  He was a wine  fanatic and the Chairman of the Board of a large national bank.  They were stored in his cellar and in his possession for several years.  I was researching wether or not to drink them and was amazed at the prices I saw for them and fortunately did my research instead of just having at them. I am interested in selling at least one of them.  It is a 1974 Petrus Pomerol Grand Vin.  I have attached a picture of it and several others.  I can arrange to send a picture of the storage area. Please tell me about them as I am quite ignorant of the intricacies of vintage wine.  Much appreciated

Chris Berry

Hi Chris

thanks for your enquiry, that certainly is a nice batch of wines. All will be delicious but i know what you mean, there are some silly prices out there and Petrus is one of the most highly valued wines in the world. I know you've looked around, I would put a retail price of something like that at around £1000 or around $1500. Sadly because it has come from a private collection and then been around a bit (to you from that private collection) there is always going to be some question about its condition so that price drops to something like $1000 but that is still a very serious bottle of wine.

Chateau Petrus is from the Pomerol region of Bordeaux, it is made from exclusively Merlot and as i mentioned before, occupies the very top echelon of fine wine. It can command extremely high prices for its wines especially as it becomes scarcer as bottles are drunk and good vintages are always very highly sought after.

This is where we come to the slight bugbear I'm afraid, 1974 was not a good vintage at all. Most of the 70's were tricky vintages due to various weather problems they encountered and the 1974 might be the worst of the lot. However, this is still Petrus and it should be drinking quite well. A recent review i have just found of it says it is delicious still, bursting with vanilla. I would expect this, over time the fruit characteristics will have faded.

Whatever you decide to do, this is a special bottle of wine. I think realistically you might be able to get $800 for it at best, if that isn't appealing i would open it for a special occasion, how often does one get to drink petrous after all.

I hope that is of some help.
Many thanks


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