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I have been given 12 bottles of Fonseca vintage port for my 18th birthday which was bottled in 1985, it has been laid flat on their sides to stop them from corking since this time and I was hoping to know their value? Also I was hoping to know where best to store the case and how badly it affects the bottles being moved occasionally? Many thanks

Hi Oliver

Thank you for your question.

I have had a look around at the current values for 1985 Fonseca and it ranges from £55 per bottle up to around £80 per bottle

Obviously this range reflects the provenance of the bottles etc. I would guess that as your bottles are in your ownership and possession they would be at the lower end of the scale, say perhaps £55 per bottle.

Sadly, when one is buying wine/port like this, its provenance is paramount. The higher prices are reached by wines/ports that have spent their life in climate controlled warehouse and generally in bond. That way the history is totally traceable and their condition can be much better assessed.

You have been looking after them correctly, keep them on their side with the labels up. This keeps the cork moist and lessens cracking and keeping the label up means you can know where the sediment settles.
Moving the bottles occasionally will not affect them much, as long as they are kept in a cool place in the dark. Importantly you don't want wild temperature variation, just consistently cool.

Do they come in their original wooden case? Has this been opened. The original wooden box, unopened, would help their value.

I hope that helps, are you thinking of selling them?

Many thanks


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