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I have a 1929 Sichel & Fils Frerer, light red wine, Medoc, Bordeax bottle of wine.  My question is, What is it worth?

Hi Matt

tHanks for your question. I've done a bit of research and found that this wine, the Sichel & Fils Frere is i believe a negotiant bottled wine. In other words a negotiant bought the grapes/juice/wine and then bottled it themselves under their own label.

There is some variation as to which Sichel it is, I believe it is Peter Max Sichel who was responsible for the success of the Blue Nun label.

Anyway, I digress slightly. In answer to your question of worth, It might have a little value for novelty value, it is very rare after all to find a wine of this age, but no more I'm afraid. It is likely the wine is way past its best and without a bit Chateau name attached to it, the value might be somewhere in the region of£15-£30.

I hope that has helps, my advice would be to open the wine and try it as an interesting opportunity to taste something this old.


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