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I was wondering do you believe that the more alcohol people consume, they will then be violent?


Hello Cameron

Thanks you for your question and my apologies for the delay responding.

I don't believe that alcohol makes people violent, I don't think the more one consumes they will then become violent.

However, I do believe the alcohol relaxes people, takes away inhibitions they might have and makes people more likely to act on impulses. I think that if someone has a violent streak, violent tendencies, has an aggressive personality, or anger issues, then i think that more alcohol consumed can certainly bring these traits out. In other words I think the violence is already there, it is maybe held in check by a subconscious moral buffer as such. Alcohol perhaps eliminates this buffer.

I think it is an ongoing problem with alcohol consumption in some people. They drink and they become aggressive/violent. The alcohol isn't the cause, it just takes away their capability to hold these traits in check as they should in modern society, causing them to act out on their feelings.

Conversely to the above, take into account those with friendly/amiable/gentle personalities. My experience of these types of people (and i have experienced both types of people when inebriated) is that when they drink alcohol, they just become friendlier, happier, more gentle and all round amiable.

I hope that helps, may i ask why you wanted to know my thoughts on this subject? Have you experienced someone who was violent and drunk?



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