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Hi,we have found two bottles of brandy at my late mother in law's and was wondering if you could give me some idea of the value.One is a bottle of Courvoisier liqueur brandy from 1875 and the other is a bottle of Frapin from 1900(I think)They have both been kept in a cool dark place, laid down.I have sent pictures.Kind regards Rachel


I have been away all this week so have only just read your email.
The Courvoisier could have a value in excess of £1000, maybe more, but I would need to see it to give you an accurate valuation.
The Frapin possibly £300 or so but again I need to see it.
Cognacs of this age are in demand as the methods of production were not as refined as the present day. Also spirits do not change once bottled so will still be superb to drink.

Kind regards,

David Baines, Wine Consultant to Charterhouse Auctions Sherborne Dorset


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