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Hello and I hope. You can provide some insight...I recently unpacked a 1922 vintage 'Spain's Golden Cream Sherry Bodegas Capa Blancade Castellanos y CIA S.A. Puerto Sta. Maria, Spain.  Bottle is unopened.  Any good?  Any value?  If so, how can I sell it?
Thank you for any insight you can provide!

Hi Debra
Thanks for your question.

Thats an interesting bottle to have, I'm not sure I'm afraid of value, i suspect it might nt be very much beyond the interest in its age. The sherry won't have improved at all in that time, it might be past its best.

If the money isn't important to you, i would chill it then open it and sample it, its rare to have a sherry so old. Otherwise i would find a local auctioneer or website and sell it online. I suspect the best price would be if you left it to get its natural market value, i would think around $20-$30 but it could be more.

I hope that helps, I'm sorry i have very little experience of old sherry.



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