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Maderia 1870
Maderia 1870  
QUESTION: Cleaning out my parents home I came across a bottle of 1870 Malmsey Madeira Wine - Vintage 1870 - reserve.  

The producer is Adega Exportadora De Vinhos Da Madeira Ltd,  Funchal Madeira; and the importer is is G Loewus &
Co., Inc. Newark NJ. Picture enclosed.

I am guessing it came from grandfather's home when we cleaned out too.  It has been stored in a coat closet on its side, at least for the past 30 years. My questions would be:

Do you think it could still be good?
How best to store it for a future generation assuming it is still good?
Does it have value if it is still good?

Thank you for any information you can impart.  If nothing else it is a cool looking label and would make a great conversation piece.

Best regards,

Carl M

ANSWER: Hi Carl,

Madeiras have an almost indefinite life due to heating during the production process - see - so I'm confident that your bottle will still be enjoyable and a memorable experience if you decide to drink it.

I wouldn't want to guess at the value because Vintage Madeiras are rare and can attract high bids at auction if the bottles are in good condition, as yours seems to be, and come from a reputable producer. However Adega Exportadora De Vinhos Da Madeira Ltd is a brand name used by HM Borges ( who don't enjoy high rating among some collectors.

Please come back telling me whereabouts you live and I'll try to suggest a local wine auctioneer who might be able to value the bottle for you as a prospective entry into a forthcoming specialist sale.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello David,

Thank you very much for your quick response and informative answer.  I live near Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  Your help is very much appreciated.  

Best regards,


Hi Carl,

I don't know any specialist wine auctioneers very near you I'm afraid so I suggest you call Acker, Merral & Condit in New York ( as a start because I know this large firm offers a valuation service via an associate company in Chicago. (They may not be willing to do that for a single bottle but there's no harm in asking!)

Two other Chicago auctioneers that might be willing to help, but again they seek larger consignments rather than single bottles, are:

The Chicago Wine Company (
Hart, Davis, Hart (

Good luck!



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