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Wine/Early 1900 veuve clicquot and 1928 Pol Roger


Hello David,
I have a non vintage veuve clicquot that after a few years of researching, may be as old as pre 1910. It is in excellent condition with almost no evaporation, perfect label, great foil and very good clarity with iridescent sediment. Do you have any advice on how to sell or learn more about this bottle? I can send you photos of you are interested.
The label does not have any import information, which I believe makes it a pre-prohibition bottle.
I also have a 1928 Pol Roger in excellent condition.

Both bottles are 375 ml.

I live in Montana.

Thank you for the interest

Hi Forrest,

Champagnes of the age you suspect could create collector interest at auction but don't set your hopes too high as half bottles aren't as desirable as larger formats.

I can't comment further without sight of both bottles so do please send me high-definition photos and I'll try to help.

The photo facility here isn't very good so please upload them to Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive or whatever is easiest and come back with a link.




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