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Wine/Italian red wine in strange bottle, no date


Diana wrote at 2008-11-02 02:24:57
I have the donkey and elephant. They are political wine decanters. Mine too, have the wine still in them. I wish I knew when they were  bottled and if they have any value

Nicko wrote at 2009-03-06 02:05:13
I too have both bottles, but, only the elephant still full.  On the back of my donkey, reads Casa Vinicola Bardi Ubaldo "Red Chianti Wine".  Another label above this reads Vintage 196? (faded pretty bad).  At the bottom, underneath the chair is another label, Imported by J. Lewis Cooper Co.  Detroit Mich 48215.  The full Elephant bottle is missing all labels except the seal which is only partially there, and is still full.  That's all i got!

Megs wrote at 2009-12-25 16:30:55
I only have the elephant and the wine is still in my bottle. Mine was made into a lamp. The only thing i can read on my label is "Chia", the "nti" is faded out. I can also read the % alochol by volume and that it is a red table wine and contains 3 liters. I was hoping someone had more information for me. I like collecting rare wine bottles and trying to figure out if this is one. Yall have helped me in my search. Thanks!

holly48192 wrote at 2011-01-30 17:49:19
I have both donkey and elephant,both unopened and both labels in perfect condition. They are from Detroit mi from a wine distributor company J.Lewis Cooper (my ex worked there once) and they are from 1965. However I as much as you am clueless of the worth...  

Linda wrote at 2011-11-06 02:24:30
I have both the donkey and the elephant but they are empty.  However, they were imported by Associated Beverage Distributors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I plan to offer them for sale at $70.00, about half of what they should pull in New York or Chicago, according to ?  Ebay, maybe, not sure.

Nathan wrote at 2012-12-19 20:54:11
I too have the elephant only and it is full.  I have all the original labels and the seal in tact and really in excellent condition. I too was curious of value.  If they are truely from 1965, they do have vintage value.  However, these could be difficult to sell if still full.  It is technically illegal to sell alcohol without a license.  Being a vintage item, it may be legal if selling as a historical item and not as something to drink.  If it is full you cannot sell it on eBay... perhaps try craigslist, that is where mine is going.  Mine will be listed at $125 obo for the first few months


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