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Hello Jerry,

My question is for a data link (Line of Sight). Say we are proposing to use a directional antenna in ground and omni antenna in aircraft. For this case if we use a C band or L/S band system the range will be same for same conditions (data rate antenna size vs..) C band hs more free space loss but the gain of same size antenna in C band is larger to compansate the free space loss exactly.

In theory ıf we use omni antenna both in ground and air L/S band will have less freespace loos (10 dB). So L/S band system will go 3 times higher than C band?. Can we say for omni antenna both side lower frequencies go higher distance. what is the situation in pratic?

kind regards

Hello Salim,

You are correct, the free-space propagation loss rises as the square of wavelength.  

This means for equal gain antennas the path loss will be higher for higher frequencies.  

It is possible to make up some or all of this with higher gain antennas at one or both ends of the path but higher gain means directional and the antennas must be aimed correctly.


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