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Want to convert wired PC to rs232 programmable led scrolling message signs to Bluetooth Android smart phone  programmable LED Signs.  Looking for Bluetooth field installable hardware to replace current DB9 rs232 serial line level port on led sign controller board.  Bluetooth module will go inside of sign enclosure and must have built in antenna.    Any thought on method to handle the hardware requirements for this project?

Hello John
There are a number of approaches to build your wireless sign controller application.
One simple way is to get a pair of modules which link the RS232 via radio.  You can search for "wireless RS232 link" and find a number of those.  That will remote your RS232 wirelessly but not directly to Android.  
You can find similar modules to connect RS232 to Bluetooth, and there may be support for your Android platform on the smart phone.   You can create or customize an app to set up the sign message.  
If you want to get deeper into the project you can buy a module from a supplier like Digi-International and embed that in the sign end to create a Bluetooth or WiFi link to the smart phone.   You would then write code for the smart phone to operate the sign.   These modules are well supported by low-cost development kits.

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