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Wireless Communications/Mains Electricity by Country.


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Some Countries supply the Alternating current (AC) Electric Power supply with Input Voltage rating as 230 V, 50 Hz and some Countries supply Alternating current (AC) Electric Power supply with Input Voltage rating as 110 V, 60 Hz.

So similarly various Electrical appliances and devices viz Microwave Ovens, Geysers, Electric Iron, freeze, Television set, Fans etc are designed to work with this Input Electric power.

Do you feel people residing in those countries which supply the 110 V, 60 Hz Input Power supply will have electricity Meter rating i.e. Electricity Bill less (i.e. Power consumption - Watts) as compared to those people residing in countries which supply the 230 V, 50 Hz Input Power supply ?.

Electricity Bill - Meter reading will be less for consumers staying in those countries which supply 110 V, 60 Hz than for those consumers staying in those countries which supply 230 V, 50 Hz electric supply ?.

Does the Input Electric Power variant will make a difference in Output power consumption and subsequently in Electricity Meter reading ?.

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Parameter which result in the bill of electrical appliance is Ampere.

If you check the electrical appliance you could see the power consumption is printed in watt.

Power consumption in watt=Voltage * electrical current(A).

when the voltage is constant either 220 or 110 , the factor which result in different out put power is current. then if you have a hair drier which works with 110V or 220V AC voltage and the power consumption printed on that be 20W then:



you can see even AC current in system with 220V, is lesser than 110V.

to sum up, the AC current in 220V for consumers is lesser than 110V and if same scale used for billing calculation, the cost for 220V will be lesser than 110V.

the benefit of 60HZ in 110V helps devices works smoother than 50 HZ. and benefit of 110V with higher AC current helps just to make a safety against death of electricity shock.  

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