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Hello: I have a Parrot  A.R. 2.0 drone that is controlled by a wifi link with my tablet computer.I have been having a terrible time with control reversal,and suspect interference from the neighbour's wireless routers.I find that when I fly in a park,it is not a problem.Do RC transmitters used for model airplane control have some way of dealing with this issue? Googling the question,it seems both use spread spectrum technology in the 2.4 GHz range.Your thoughts please,and thanks!

The problem you are seeing may be interference as you suspect.  The spread spectrum modulation should help with interference rejection but range of useful operation can be reduced as the other wifi signals raise the noise level for the desired signal.
Another possibility is multi-path which will be more pronounced in built-up areas than in an open park.
Since this model drone is controlled with your phone or tablet there is not much you can do to improve the antenna or radio system as they're embedded in that device.  

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