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I am an Engineer in Wireless technology. my question regarding Access points. we are using Ruckus devices.
1. Why there is a channel Fly in Access points?
2. How much time an Acess Point takes to change from one channel to another?
3. Is the channel fly affects the connecting customers?
4. If so how to arrest this issue?

We do not work with wireless on the WAN side so we are not familiar with everything that is associated with it. However I will do my best to answer your questions

1. Have a look at this article it seems to do a pretty good job explaining Channel Fly http://www.ruckuswireless.com/press/releases/20111128-introducing-channelfly

2. I would think it should take no more than 1 second once the AP has determined a better channel

3. Channel Fly helps improve service by moving to a less congested channel

4. The best option is to set all APs to use Channel Fly  

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