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Someone has hacked my daughter iPhone and has sent me several threatening messages and vulgar pictures. At one point I was receiving messages from her and them. She changed her apple password and it stopped...for a few hours. I started getting messages again. She can send me messages from her apple id email but not from her phone number. Is there any way to track where these messages are coming from and how? Please help me!! I have contacted law enforcement because the threatening messages are actual death threats and they said to contact an IT person to find out where they came from and then they can prosecute. Until then they can do nothing to help me.

Hi Tosha,
First let me say that I am not an Apple person and have never used any of their products, so I do not know how they work. However I can give you some general information.

First and foremost make sure that all of your phones, tablets and computers (no matter if they are PC, Android or Apple) have an anti-virus program. Even though it is a phone and an Apple product, as you have learned they still have their own set of issues. I also recommend an anti-malware. I recommend and use AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes anti malware. I do not know if they have Apple versions, but I am sure their are Apple equivalents. As soon as you install and update an anti virus and anti malware program scan her phone first with one then the other, not at the same time. Their may be a virus or malware on your daughters phone that at a minimum is responsible for her account being hacked so easily, if not the actual messages you are receiving.

Make sure that the phones software the IOS is up to date. If you go to a store for your provider they should be able to help you if you need it.

Another way to determine if it is a virus or malware is to ask her other contacts if they are getting the same type of messages. While this is not full proof I would be willing to bet that if the messages are targeted toward you specifically that no one else is getting these messages. If it is malware then everyone would be getting the same or similar messages. I would also consider if you have had any disagreements with any of her friends or ex boy friends (not knowing how old your daughter is). I am just trying to give you possible solutions that you may not have thought of.

Second strong passwords include a combination of uper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = etc) Common practices are to replace the @ for the a or replace the I or L for ! or 1 a 5 for the S etc. Passwords should also be at least 8 characters or longer and changed regularly for example every 90 days.

As far as tracing where the messages came from, I do not know of a way. My recommendation is to call your service provider and explain the situation. They should be able to trace the messages. The messages should have the phone number that they were sent from. You can try to Google that number, but my bet is all you will get is that it is a wireless number. There are some services that you can pay for that will supposedly provide the name and address associated with that number, however I have never used them so I do not know how reliable they are or if they are a scam or what. If the number is a prepaid service, such as Boost, Virgin Mobile or Walmart you are pretty much out of luck.

I hope you can figure out what the cause is and that everything work out ok.

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