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We are a retired couple and spend $250 or more per month
for 2 cell phones and internets (combined  - from Verizon)
We use maximum gigabytes  (about 20)   Their service seems to be good.

  Do you know anything about the going rates?
We'd like to get by for less if possible.
  Can you recommend another company?

Thanks  Dick

Hi Dick,
I personally use Virgin Mobile. It costs me $35 a month (less than 38 with taxes). I get unlimited data and text and 300 minutes a month. Virgin Mobile is no contract meaning you can cancel anytime you want, the flip side of that is that you have to pay for the phone out right, which depending on the phone can get expense. Most are around or under $100. They will not have the latest and greatest phones.

I would also recommend using wireless networks whenever you can. Most places have a hot spot or free public WiFi. Although the cellular companies says that you get unlimited data they will put a cap on it. When that cap is reached they will significantly slow it down or charge you extra depending on the company.

Virgin Mobile, that I know of, does not have multiple line accounts. In other words if you have two phones you will need two accounts.

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