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QUESTION: Hi Phillip

How are words able to travel through the air in a text message and end up in someone else's phone? I understand when someone sends a text message it 1st travels to the cell phone tower first then to the receiver. But I've haven't been able to find an answer on how words in a text message are able to travel through the air by searching on youtube or google.


ANSWER: Sterling, sorry, but you have the wrong person. As per my posted profile, I provide expert information on Canada's General Mobile Radio Service. Phil

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Regardless of what your profile says you did choose the category subject of "Wireless Communication". And that is relevant to my question.

No it's not. There many different types of wireless communications and none of them are relavent to each other:
-public service
-remote control
-model planes
-two-way radio
-mobile phone
-cellular phone
-polling and control

You are required to read the profile of the expert to determin what aspect of wireless communications they are in, you so can find the right expert for the right subject. You can't just ask anyone any question, that is why each expert's pofile indicates what specific aspect of wireless communications they are SME's in. Sorry, but that's just how this site works and has always worked.  

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