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Wireless Communications/what can be interfering with cell phone data connection what can be interfering with cell phone data connection


Hello for 6 years i have had ok data connection in my apartment with the usa company sprint. Suddenly for the past 4 months my connection keeps dropping to an unusable level. It goes from usable LTE to unusable 3g then no connection at all every few minutes. Sprint is not helpful just keeps insisting there towers are not at fault. This issue happens to both phones on my account and visiting friends who also use sprint. There is nothing new in my home that could cause a problem i even turned circuit breaker off to test and no change. Im guessing someone in another apartment has something that is blocking me someway. I notice during bad weather my signal gets better. Do you have any idea what might cause this pulsing in and out of signal. Im going to drop sprint but the mystery is interesting to me. I like to solve problems

I agree with you.
What ever it is,causes repercussion for your wireless services.
Regarding your explenation,I doubt about interfernce because on both 3G and 4G you have same problem,but frequency ranges are different
How on the earth a wide band noise affect 2 different bands!!
I suggest check on which frequency bands receive 3G and 4G signals.

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