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A while back I asked you about battery life in the magic mouse and wireless keyboard, and you gave me the answer assuming that I was talking about having it turned on all the time, so now I was wondering would you please tell me how long the battery life will last if you turned them off after every time you use the mac


The construction of the cells in the batteries is like capacitors. a capacitor is an element which is used to trap and accumulate (electrons)electricity power. It is made of two conductive surfaces with a dielectric separator between them.

Technically and according to the theory, it will save electrons for a long while but due to the quality of the materials, a leaking between two conductors causes the capacitor loses the electrons, finally be unloaded.

Same story like above happens in the batteries. However you don't use a battery for a while, the level of the battery-charge goes down inevitably.

Wish this answer be easy to catch and regarding to your question.


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