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I've always had a problem with belly fat. I'm not overweight (BMI 21) and my belly still protrudes even when my BMI was slightly below 19. I exercise regularly and have no problem with fat in other parts of my body. What's going on?

Hi Renee,

First and foremost you need to be eating right. I'm not going to go into detail, but diet is at least 70% of game. Some of my clients were only drinking 1 liter of water per day and that is just not enough if you want to shed bodyfat. Others were eating fruit before bedtime. So there are a lot of dietary factors that people are sometimes not aware of.

There is some correlation between blood flow and site reduction. And I think that's what you want to know. How to lose that damn stubborn fat off my tummy and tighten it up. Because it's coming off everywhere else but. Well you need to attack it from a few different angles, I believe. You need to obviously do abdominal exercises like crunches etc. You also need to do integrated abdominal exercises like the tummy rolls. Just like the Latin dancers do. This targets the inner muscles which work together. And then you need to target the core muscles which reside behind the abs. This is done through swiss ball work, bosu work and other stability exercises. This 3-pronged attack should do the trick. I offer all my clients a free newsletter which will feature "how to survive the holiday season" in the coming issue. You are more than welcome to sign up. Go to my website at www.xfitness.com.au and fill in the form


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