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Hi Robbie. I was wondering how can I make ny legs flexible. (like if I wanted to make ny nose touch my knees) just an example. when I tried stretching everyday my hamstrings were so sore. I don't know if that's even normal but please help.  i gave up on it because i didnt notice any progress. thanks

Hi Simona,

When stretching you need to stretch just enough so the body doesn't think you are doing something that could injure it, and thus activate a reverse stretch reflex. So just stretch till you feel slight tension, hold for 10-15 secs...then a bit more if your body allows it. Listen to your body, and only do what it allows you to do. Don't bounce or do anything that would signal to your body that you are hurting it. Hopefully in time you will be able to go further and further. The more you co-operate with your body the more it will co-operate with you....hope this helps.


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