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My measurements are 37 28 41 and I'm considered pear shape. I carry fat around my middle, hips and thighs. But the belt part of my hips doesn't really have much fat, but the fat does sit on my belly and on my thigh as what they would call 'saddle-bags'. My hips do sit pretty high (I could put the beginning of my hand at where my hips start and only reach the top of my butt) considering that I have a long torso and legs. I'm 5'5" and weigh around 144 lbs. Is it possible that I could have narrow hips, or do I just need to lose some fat?

Thank you!

Hi Ayla,

Thanks for your question. It does sound like you have a narrow waist for your hips, but as for the longer waist length it could appear to accentuate the hip size. I think if you lose some body fat around your problem areas it would help. Maybe some upper body weights to help increase metabolism and balance the pear shape.

Hope this helps

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