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I know you have an online program, but I am wondering if you could help me with getting rid of my lovehandles and how you would go about it.  Thanks

Hi Andrea,
The most importantly  component to abs is nutrition.
More protein and carbs--- less sodium and  fats. Drink plenty of water.
Some exercises  for the obliques include  :
Torso twists---side bends-- russian twists-and bicycles-- you can see
Demonstrations of all of these exercises on youtube.
THank you,

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I am an experienced and certified personal trainer. I run fitness boot camps with 5-10 people per camp. I can answer questions pertaining to:aerobic exercise,resistance training,functional training,weight management.,bodyweight exercises,etc. Please do not ask me to design a weight training program for you thru this forum-if you want me to design a program for you, please sign up for my online personal training program: www.fitnessgenerator.com/bonniehardie


I have been a Personal Trainer for several years .I used to work for gyms,but now run outdoor bootcamps utilizing: resistance bands-park swings-benches-steps-bodyweight exercises-kettlebells-medicine balls,ETC.

Certified By: ACE-IFA-NESTA-AMFPT Certified In: Personal Training-Aerobics-Nutrition-Boot Camp-Senior Fitness-Womens Fitness Special Interest in combatting Childhood Obesity.

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