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I personally don't know if I've been witnessing miracles, they are more like coincidences. What I want to know is if God is sending me signs. For the past five months I have been praying to date a young lady whom I deeply care about. Cause of her I have gone out more in five months then in many years. She has really helped my stress disorder when my doctor and ex minister did not. We have a history of arguments yet we always make up. She does not seem to be happy in her current relationship, and her bf has said some disconcerting things about her such as her just wanting him for money. She truly loves her children. Her and her bf don't really spend a lot of time together and she has said he really doesn't give her money. In the fifth month I have been asking God for us to become married me and her, and for a good strong relationship. I have noticed things ever since I asked for marriage and don't know if they are God telling me to be persistent in prayer and faith in this or if I am just seeing things I want to see. I have noticed and found.

1. Videos on YouTube talking about the effectiveness of prayer even in impossible situations a girl who's prayed her parents five year divorce would come to an end and it was. She wished to give up yet it worked. Videos on relationship restoration. Videos on prayer working on sickness even though I doubted it worked at all at the time.

2. I sat down next to a kid I never met and he started listening to a video talking about a couple who's marriage wad restored. The program was the 700 Club.

3. A man at the mall telling me about how his hand was restored through prayer even though x-rays showed no healing. He can now use it even though he shouldn't.

4. Quotes people leave on my Facebook timeline talking about praying for big things and not give up even when things seem quiet, including quotes about restoration of relationships.

5. When I stopped visiting her for 2weeks she did come looking for me I didn't think she would EVER do that, her coworkers also said she had missed me. We had had an argument I wanted to give her space and even during that time she invited me to her sons party.

6. Sometimes people who are her friends nudge at me that we should date. People can see I really care.

Am I fishing for signs that aren't there or is God talking to me? A lot of the things I've seen speak to me about prayer and being persistsnt in it and relationships. Can you give me advice. Any advice will do.

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Nothing is a coincidence, and you were not asking for signs from the Lord, which is very good because we are not to put Him to the test.  From what I can gather, you were meant for this individual, and the Lord is confirming it through others (special revelation- is the term).  

I want to encourage you to be bold, and to get away from social media and television because they are things one can easily become addicted to, which can take away one's time with Jesus Christ.  You will be glad you did.  

By the way, the Lord has gifted you with the spiritual gift of healing through prayer.  Utilize it for the good when it gets perilous soon.  God bless you.

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