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Hello and thank you in advance for answering my question. I was looking for advice on how to witness to "hard-core" people. First I have to explain a little before I ask the question. :)Sorry, it is a little long. Please bear with me.

I really enjoy encouraging others and telling them of a new life in Christ and I feel that God has given me a little extra Joy for the task! But on a more serious note I feel God has called me in to the ministry to speak love and life in Christ and Joy - and while I am a tough love type of person by nature - God has softened my heart tremendously and I also have developed a little bit of a heart for people who are incarcerated that were victims of abuse. I am in the beginning stages of preparing for ministry.

While I believe that people can't use that as an excuse to commit crimes, usually it's abuse as a child that greatly contributes to a ruined life. I know because my brothers and I were all severely abused as children. It's an absolute miracle that I am even alive and one of my brother's was in and out of jail all for alcohol and drug issues and he has not fully recovered from the abuse either. It's very devastating to a child more than the average person even knows.
For me, I have overcome such great obstacles! My testimony is too long to tell here. But let me say it wasn't easy and I suffered terribly and it took years! But God restored and healed me and I am the most "normal and happy" person I know!
But my point is that while people who are incarcerated or had been, do need to pay the penalty but, I know a God of second chances and love and forgiveness and restoration. So when I see people like that I get sad and really want to reach out to them and preach the gospel and let them know about the new life they can have in Christ. While I don't feel that will be my entire ministry, I do feel that it will play a part.

But, then the more I began to think about it I considered that what do I do if I come across a person who is not the abused but the abuser? What if they were the one who harmed a child or even brutally disfigured them or killed and so on.? I know that God forgives and plays no favorites. Sin is sin. While I do believe that God can forgive all hurts. I still get disgusted when I see severe child abuse. I get angry. Even before I was saved I still knew wrong from right and I don't understand how people do such things but I know that the world is evil/devil too so...

So I have wondered how to handle that. I guess I know I cannot play favorites. God forgives all and puts a hand out to anyone who wants it. I have also seen great testimonies of people in prison who did terrible things and they found Christ and started preaching in there! I saw one story of a guy who was executed but found Christ before hand and did great things in prison. You could actually see Christ in him. They showed pictures of him when he was arrested and how he looked when he died. It was night and day! The peace he had on him was amazing! He had peace even knowing he was going to die, he was happy. That is Christ!
I just wondered your thoughts on how to go in this direction? How to start to prepare?  Please and thank you!

The first thing to do is to pray before witnessing to anybody.  Our God is awesome, and He will lead you to those who are open to His Word and your testimony.  Second, you need to meet the person where they are at spiritually.  Whatever they are doing at that time is a great way to spark conversation.  Third, go through the Roman Road (which you can find on the web), and use that as a tool for bringing others to salvation in Christ Jesus.  Fourth, ask if you can pray for them.  Last, maybe get contact information (at your discretion) for follow-up otherwise leave and pray for that person.  

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