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Is it weird if a woman is attracted to only 1 man.I mean she doesn't get turned on with any other man except that 1 guy.
Even after he has broken up with her.
Does it matter if the woman is a virgin and has done nothing extreme with that guy.
And is it bad for her health if she chooses to be celibate forever.
This girl is a virgin.

Hi Anne
it is not weird for a woman to be attracted to just one man. Think about all the pop stars and film stars out there and you will find many women being attracted to just one person. The term is infatuation. Of course if the man has broken up with her it may be because of her overwhelming attention.
Whatever her sexual standing is, is not part of the issue although she may feel that she wishes to lose her virginity to this man and maybe he will love her more.

It is a false dream as many women have found out to their cost.
Her health will not suffer at all if she decides to remain celibate forever.  In many religious orders, particularly catholic, nuns remain celibate forever and their health does not suffer.

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