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How much of the orgasms that women experience in pornographic films is real?  Is there a lot of fake orgasm acting by these girls in these films?  

I thank you for your reply.

I can't speak for every performer in every adult film. I know plenty of those films don't even bother to show female orgasms at all. If they do, it could be fake, it could be real, depending on the performer. If you are keen on real female orgasms in mainstream films, I recommend researching the performers and finding those who are regular performers and who legitimately enjoy their work.

You should also check out Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to the Female Orgasm. Every climax in that film is real.

With my own films, I make sure there is a female orgasm in every scene and yes, they're real. You'll find my work at BrightDesire.com

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