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Why is it in adult films that there is not much cunnilingus between men and women?  Do the women not like it, or do men do it poorly?

And also, how much oral sex orgasm is fake it adult films?  Do the women really receive the semen in their mouths from the men, or are these scenes fake in someway?

I saw a short film in which the female already had a large amount of a white substance on her tongue before the male actor ejaculated in her mouth. I do not know whether or not it was saliva or fake looking semen somehow placed here.

I thank you for your reply!

The reason there isn't much cunnilingus is because most porn films are made for men and cunnilingus is about a man giving a woman pleasure. Porn creators have long assumed that men don't want to see that so they rarely include it in their porn. There's also a belief that cunnilingus-based porn doesn't sell well, so there's a commercial imperative not to show it.

Rest assured, women DO like cunnilingus, especially when a guy does it well. Unfortunately, a lot of cunnilingus in porn is done for the benefit of the camera, not the woman, so there's a lot of very poor technique on show. Guys don't lick for long enough, they pretend their tongue is a penis, they don't use their whole mouth, they don't lick often. All of this is bad technique.

I would recommend Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Cunnilingus film. Also, I run my own website PureCunnilingus.com which seeks to redress the lack of male-female oral sex in porn.

With fellatio and in-the-mouth ejaculation, a lot of it is real and the women do have semen in their mouths. Being able to perform a "pop shot" is considered to be the main goal of the male performer. But of course, sometimes it's fake if the guy isn't feeling aroused or is nervous. I'm not sure what substance they'd use to replicate semen in a woman's mouth but there are some foods that resemble it so they could do that.

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