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My oppositions ball was unplayable in a rocky hazard so she elected to take a two club length drop for a 1 stroke penalty.   When she did her measure she placed her golf ball on the painted line to mark her position, pulled out her one wood - with cover on - and laid it down on the ground, rolled it over lengthwise on its head to take the second length of club and then placed her tee in the ground to mark her position.  Before she dropped the ball I asked that she remark her two club lengths, without the club cover on and also not to roll the club over on its head.  I wanted her to mark club length one, then lift the club and mark again exactly the same way ie using the handle of the club to head of the club.  She declined to do either, saying her measuring was perfectly legal with the club cover on, and also the rolling the club over on its head was also legal. I ended up in letting it go, but I'm still certain she is incorrect - logic says that you could have a giraffe or a tiger stuffed toy on the head cover and surely you couldn't use that to improve your position, so why could you use any cover at all.

I would appreciate your comment as I'm irritated, as she could have remeasured and it wouldn't have been an issue, but she dug her toes in and refused.  I studied the rule book but couldn't find where to look.

Also does an opposition player have the right to ask that you remeasure? - maybe I had no right to do so?

Many thanks

You are in the correct thinking.  NO Head cover,ever....good grief, I can't believe anyone would even try is described as "club length"  not "Club length plus a Head Cover" ...and  The club length does not include the toe of the club, so no rolling is allowed.  And as far as you asking her to re-measure?  that is fine, you are asking her to follow the rules. If you were to agree to her incorrect measure, you would be breaking a rule yourself, "agreement to waive rules"  If she were correct, I would get a Unicorn Head cover and pick up 20 inches each drop!    Thank you for your question,  if she is a friend, don't lose her over this,   you have to choose your battles.  Feel free to show her my response. The Rules are there to help you, but are not to be taken advantage of.

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