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I am a beginner and am at a disadvantage, I'm left handed.   

Unless I want to pay a lot of $$ for clubs - which brands should a left handed beginner look at?
Which clubs should I have in my bag?

Thank you in advance.


Good morning Lori.  First question, which way do you swing a baseball bat? My son was left handed and I didn't know it or refused to believe it so he grew up swinging right handed  (Bat and club) and is now a PGA Golf Professional as am I and my father before me. He does everything else lefty. If you are comfortable swinging a bat or a club right handed, that is great because the "Right handed" swing is powered by the left side of the body, this was an asset for my son.

Yes there is a slight disadvantage in left handed golf, as you have discovered the club purchasing selection is about 10% of what right hander's have to choose from. Brand is not top priority, think what you want to spend because the brand can have a lot to do with that.  Maybe go to a Driving Range and borrow a DEMO club from the pro shop, one right handed and one left handed. Go try both and see which is most natural.

Then go to e-bay and look for a reasonably priced set to get started.  After you fall in hopelessly love with the game maybe a year or so (I don't know your financial situation) get a nicer full set from a pro shop if you choose to. If you are a lady under 5'10" ladies clubs are fine, if over that buy Men's senior clubs, they are a bit longer and still have more flexible shafts

I just looked on ebay and this is a new set, a good starter set for $120 inc shipping

If you have any other questions, I am more than happy to help,
Have a great day

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