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Women`s Golf/Is it legal to golf barefoot?


QUESTION: If you will playing Golf in an official tournament,is it against the rules to complete barefoot?This way sound like a silly question,but I was just  wondering.

ANSWER: Quite legal... I once shot a 71 in a high school match some 35 years ago, barefoot because I forgot my golf shoes and the shoes I had were too slick for any traction at all.


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QUESTION: Thank u for your prompt answer.If you don't mind,I have a few questions about your personal experience with playing barefoot,just out of personal curiosity.Did anyone notice the fact that you were in bare feet?How did they react to it?(I hope you didn't have to put up with people making fun of you!)How did the grass feel under your feet?And did you ever play another match barefoot again?Again,Im just curious.

I did not play barefoot for an entire round again, no particular reason, other than I usually have my golf shoes. My foursome was aware, and the kidding subsided quickly when I was beating them.  What I found was warm dry grass is fine, cold and damp, like in the shade that day, no good.  The bonus that day was that I was more aware of my balance, therefore swinging smoother I believe.  Now days I just wear a comfortable pair of K-Swiss cross training tennis type shoes to play unless I am in a big tournament, then I wear golf shoes, more for professionalism than traction. Golf sandals are the best of both worlds, other than getting sand in them if you are in a bunker.

Have a great golfing summer.

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