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Kspren wrote at 2016-05-28 01:24:02
Did you get your results back? It sounded like you were telling my story!!!! Getting anxious and so nervous

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Navita W. Gunter


I am a cervical cancer survivor.
I am also founder of the Cervical Cancer Coalition of TN, producer of VITA - a TV show about health and wellness, and an advice columnist for a local newspaper.
I can answer questions concerning the disease, support groups, treatments, and their after-effects. I cannot and will not answer questions that only doctors should attempt to answer.


I am a 6-year cervical cancer survivor

I founded the Cervical Cancer Coalition of TN and I also belonge to Gilda's Club, and the National Black Leadership on Cancer III. Community Access TV and I also produce a show called V.I.T.A. (VITAL-INFORMATIVE-TIMELY & ASSERTIVE) main subject is about health and wellness and issue's that affect our community. Brought to you by the Cervical Cancer Coalition of TN.

Ask Navita Advise column running in two local newspaper's.

Awards and Honors
Community Awards for service in getting the word out about cervical cancer.

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