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OK, here's the story.
About a month and a week ago I received a period that was only 3 days and very light, which is unusual for me because mine are always 7 days long. After that I started experiencing symptoms and they just kept adding on as time went on. I am still experiencing those symptoms but I have gotten my period. It also seems like I cannot keep anything down. It either comes out the front or out the back. I have been getting weaker because of it and its now hard to do simple things, like get up and walk around.

These are my symptoms:
Lower back pain
Frequent urination
Food cravings
Nauseous every day and throwing up at least 3 times a week
Headaches almost every day
Light cramping in abdomen
Breast sensitivity

Now I need honest answers as to what could be going on with me. Please help me.

Just for a little extra info, my boyfriend used the pull out method a few times.

Nothing to worry, it is just hormonal changes in ur body.
Drink more of aloe vera juice and Take more of papaya in diet.

I will suggest that u take Herbal supplements like--
Shatavari cap--1 morning evening
Female support cap--1 morning evening
for 2 months and u will feel really good with ur body.

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