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Hi Dr.Meenaxi,

I hope you are able to educate me with whats happening. I had the Mirena IUD removed after 4.5 years and I completely understand that there will be side effects after removal, most common will be the cramping. However, last night while waiting for my ride after work I experienced a drop sensation, possibly a size of a ping pong ball, at the moment i thought it couldve been a blood clot or discharge, but when i got home and checked there were no signs of any possible discharges my jeans were completely dry. Confused, i layed down and as i started to stand up i felt severe cramping right above my pelvis so bad i literally fell back onto my bed in tears in the fetal position pushing at where the pain. Not only i was not able to stand without being in horrific pain, i wasnt even able to sit up. I soon got a hold of some ibuprofen which calmed majority of the cramping, althoygh currently i am still feeling moderate to little cramping only above my pelvic on the right side n occasional center. Are you able to inform me on what it may be, whether or not i need urgent care and lastly the doctor, who did my IUC removal, acknowledged that she was having a "difficult" time removing the IUD and managed to, after about 4 uncomfortable attemped sensations of yanking it from in me?

Thank yoy so much!

please do get ur ultrasound done and then only we can really make out what all is happening

Home remedy will be drink hot milk with dates and raisins in that

Drink coconut water
Take Turmeric powder --1 spoon in hot milk

Rest u should take---
Female support cap--1 morning evening
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