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I have not had sex for about 6 months now but 2 months ago I started to get a constant itch around the lower part of my vagina.  It kept bothering me especially at night so when I finally looked at it with a mirror i noticed around the lower part of my vagina and close to my vagina walls my skin was red and there is slight swelling. Initially i thought maybe it was from a burn I had felt when i was bathing from my soap or washing too hard.  I went to the doctor and they did tests and I have no internal infections or disease so they just gave me cream. Unfrotunatley my skin has only healed slightly, still itches and is still a bit swollen.  I have no discharge, no odor, no white patches, no bumps, no pain during urination, no soarness and the last time I was intimate (5 months ago) there was no pain. I don't know what the problem is.

apply coconut oil
and rinse with Alum powder---u can find that with some indian store.

And take Gandhak rasayan tablets---2 morning evening
Neem cap--1 morning evening

All this u can see at some good Indian store.
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