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I'm a 16 year old female, and I haven't had my period since September, and it's now December. My period has always been pretty irregular, and I figured it was just because I was still young and i was very active in athletics, but now that I'm getting older and I no longer play sports, it's starting to concern me more. The longest I've gone without menstruating is 4 months. I'm not sexually active so pregnancy isn't a possibility. I'm starting to get really worried. What's wrong?

It is hormonal disturbance and i will suggest that you should avoid too much of coke and junk food in diet. take more of salad and water and avoid citrus fruits like lemon and oranges, take more of papaya and apples.

Please take coconut water
And apply lukewarm coconut oil on ur lower belly.
And also drink more of aloe vera juice.-----3 spoon morning evening
take some good iron supplement.
I will suggest ---Start with herbal medicine ---
Curcumin cap--1 morning evening
Female support ===1 morning evening
Punarnava mandoor---2 morning evening
all this for 2 months

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