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Women`s Health/Does progesterone stop bleeding for non-hormonal causes?


My doctor put me on progesterone to stop long abnormal uterine bleeding. She believes it's a normal irregularity, but she only ruled out polyps as a possible cause. I had heavy bleeding accompanied by clots for 2 months. The progesterone has stopped the bleeding some, bringing my level of bleeding down to a low to occasionally medium flow. It has stopped 3 of the 9 days I've been using it so far, but then it came back. Would the progesterone be working to slow down my flow if the cause of this were not hormonal?

yes Progesterone do that.

I will suggest that u start with herbal supplement like
Female support cap--1 morning evening
Pradrantak Churan ( powder)--1 spoon evening with water
all this for 2 months and u will see good results

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