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small flat bump  

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I have a small bump on my clitoris that has a flat white center.  This is the second time I have gotten this, and that was a year ago. I thought it was a pimple, and eventually it went away on its own. This time, I decided to have it checked. Upon seeing it, the Nurse practitioner immediately said it was herpes. My mouth dropped.

I just had a baby four months ago, I had to get tested for stds, plus I get tested anyway.  My husband gets tested as well. All tests have been negative, yet she said it coupd take years to show up. I am confused. I have one single bump ans no pain. The results come in some days. What else could this be or does it look like herpes? I have never had an STD before and I do not see how I have one now seeing we have no time for sex.

Nothing to worry, it is just a small cyst that often do comes up . So u just have to apply coconut oil regularly and drink lot of water and take cranberry juice regularly.

Rinse with diluted vinegar ( apple cider)

U should take the following herbal medicine---
Phyllanthus niruri cap--1 morning evening
Gandhak Tablets---2 morning evening for 1 month and it will be fine.

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