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Hi, I am 16 years old. About 2 years ago or so, as my periods became more regular, they also became really painful. I went to the doctor but I do not have any medical problems, it's completely normal.

My pain was so bad that I had to stay at home from school on the first day; the second day was still very painful but I could usually just manage to go through school, and the last 3 days was minor, manageable pain.

I started taking advil, for maybe 1 and a half years now and it has been a miracle for me, it gets rid of so much pain and now I really don't mind having periods. However, my problem is that the last time I took it, it didn't work at all and I had an extremely painful period.

I am scared this will happen again on my next one which is due soon. it's extremely unpleasant and I am wondering:

what could have caused it to suddenly have no effect, even after re-taking it?
Should I 'rotate' different tablet brands?
how can I make sure it works next time?
Any other advice?


Hi nicole\
I will suggest that u should avoid all cold drinks, junk food, sour fruits and curd just one week before ur periods and take more of aloe vera juice, hot tea with black pepper in that
take more of cow butter in diet.

I will suggest that u should start with good herbal supplement for ur problem---

Female health support cap---1 morning evening
Pradrantak Churan--1 spoon with milk
Punarnava mandoor--1 morning evening with water
all this for 2 months

see details on

dr meenakshi

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