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Women`s Health/is abortion pill is safe?


Hello Madam
I am totally confused right now
my wife has taken an abortion pill at home {A-kare) two on same day she had a 6 weeks pregnancy and i didn't not know that she has taken pills. after that bleeding had started and referred to doctor and after an injection bleeding stopped.
now the thing is some many people say that i am not gonna be a father in future. is that true?
please reply me i am in huge tension
than you very much

Well abortion pills are really harmful if used too often, if that is for the first time ur wife is OK nothing to worry as long as she has normal menses and feel good inside. If she has problems with menses or any other gynae problem then it is matter of concern.

Don't worry keep faith and give her good herbal tonic like---

Ashoka risht daily for 2 months
Shatavari cap ---1 morning evening

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