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I have been trying to diagnose what's wrong with me for about a month now. It started with a UTI that I took Amoxycillin 5 days for. While this got rid of the horrible burning pain when I urinated, it didn't fully clear it up. Then I took 5 days of ciproflaxin. Same story, mostly gone but still left with symptoms of tenderness in the bladder area.

This is all self medication as I live on Zanzibar and don't trust any of the local doctors. I then ran into a gyny on holiday who recommended that I start on Nitrofurantoin which i did, but this produced (maybe coincidentally) stomach pain (felt like I needed a bowel movement) straight after I took it. after 2 days of this (and no improvement) I suddenly got severe pain (couldn't stand up) first in my stomach then moved to my back. Worried that I might now have a kidney infection I went to a danish doctor that I found who prescribed me pivmecillinamhydrochlorid. However she said if the pain in my back (which had now become a crampy ache that comes and goes in the mid to lower back) didn't go, then I had to go to a hospital.

2 days later it hadn't gone (or changed) so I came to a private clinic in Dar es Salaam for some tests. They tested my blood, urine, stool and did an ultra sound. Urine and stool came back ok. Ultra sound on my kidneys, bladder and urinary tract all clear but showed an excess of gas. However my red blood cell count was down to 11.5. So they concluded that I may have worms in my intestine creating the pressure on my bladder and accounted for the tenderness and back pain.

3 days later I still have a slight tenderness in my bladder and especially when I urinate, but no pain, however the back pain persists, and occasionally seems to move up and then back down again. My period started yesterday and I had menstrual cramps and lower back cramps alternating with each other all day which was v uncomfortable!

The pain isn't so bad that it keeps me awake and doesn't seem to change much but wont go away. I'm worried that it may have something to do with my ovaries? It's a pain I can cope with as long as I know it's nothing to worry about but I'm scared that it my be serious.

I'm having way too much time off work (I work as a scuba dive instructor) and spending way too much money to have not really discovered anything, I really hope you can help.

Many thanks


hello Amanda
I have read ur case carefully, and as a friend i will suggest that u give up all allopathy medicine for a while, particularly anti biotics, as it is ruining ur immune system and making ur system very weak.

Please take more of water, salads, drink noni juice, cranberry juice, coconut water regularly,

Apply coconut oil to ur private part regularly.

Please start with the following herbal combinations---

Female health support cap--1 morning evening
Rencure formula---2 morning evening
Mutrkrichantak Churan---1 spoon evening
Phyllanthus niruri cap--1 morning evening
Neeri tablets--2 morning evening
all this for 2 months and u will see good change in ur condition

See details on products at
u can order them with my assistant Mr Ashwani at and he will let u know the costing and courier.

dr meenakshi

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