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Women`s Health/Menses date matches with Wedding Night


QUESTION: Hi Meenaxi,

Good Day to you.

Please note that my menses dates are matching with my wedding night. I have contacted with the Dr. who has given me the below medicine to stop the periods during the said dates.

PRIMOLUT-N (Norethisterone) 5 mg

My Weight is 42 kg and my height is 5.5'

Please confirm me with your expertise that the above medicines isn't harmful for me and my married life as well.



ANSWER: Its safe and u can use it , nothing to worry. Keep faith and be positive.
Enjoy and have lovely married life ahead.!!

dr meenakshi

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QUESTION: Dear Meenaxi

Thanks for the reply. I have to take this medicines for 10 days including 4 days after my wedding (thrice a day). Will it effect my husband by any means or will effect my pregnancy afterwards? or will it effect my married / sex life? Need your urgent reply in this regard.



ANSWER: It is Safe , so keep calm and enjoy !

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QUESTION: Hi Meenaxi,

Good day to you. Just after a day of leaving the tablets, I am having menses.  Everything went great and its only because of your kind guidance. Just want to ask you that I normally have periods for 7-10 days. Is it really  a normal duration for a girl of my age and health. Also tell me what changes do I have to make in my diet after my marriage to get the maximum pleasure and result of married life. Your usual co-operation in this regard is required.



Take more of fruits and juice and drink milk and keep urself positive and cheerful and u will have great married life and enjoy ur sexual life too with ur husband.
It is very normal to have periods for 7 days, but if it is painful or too much bleeding then please start with a good herbal supplement like---

Female health support cap--1 morning evening for 2 months

see details on my website

dr meenakshi

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