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My boyfriend and I just recently began being sexually active. He is my first, so I am very new to this. The first few times we had sex were very naive and nothing huge. 2 days ago, we had sex and he ejaculated (although he was wearing a condom) I am supposed to start my period in about 2 days, so my first question is: what are the chances of me being pregnant? I don't think the chances are too high, but I am still extremely worried because I am in no position to have a child right now.
Another problem I had is that when I got home after having sex 2 days ago, I used the bathroom and noticed a faint amount of blood. At first I thought it was just my hymen breaking. But today, we didn't have sex, but we did mess around a little and I got home and noticed the same thing in the bathroom. Also, I am in a little pain down there after I do something sexual. Also, when he fingers me sometimes and goes far up in my vagina, I feel a strange sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Any idea what this could be?
Any help, answers, advice would be very greatly appreciated.
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Nothing to worry, it is just the beginning phase of being sexual active. So just eat healthy and drink more water . clean urself regularly after sex.

All is well with u , nothing to worry, u are not pregnant
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