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    I am 24, and having this strange
problem.. I had unprotected sex with
my fiance and took an i-pill the next
morning..This happened last year and
since then I am having this irregular
flow and change of date. I even took
pregnancy test but it's negative, my
menstrual flow is only for 2
days now but before i used to have my
periods for 5 days and just regular
flow, not heavy not light.. But now, all i
have is 1 day it will be ok but the
rest it's just like bleeding from a cut in
finger.. Please help...

there is hormonal imbalance in ur body, i will suggest that please drink aloe vera juice and noni juice regularly.

Please take herbal supplements like--
Female support cap--1 morning evening
Punarnava mandoor---2 morning evening
Shatavari cap--1 morning evening
all this for 2 months

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dr meenakshi

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